Reflections on the Manchester Terror Attack

This morning the UK wakes up to another terrorist incident. Last night a suicide bomber detonated his device at the entrance of Manchester’s Victoria Railway Station, which affected people leaving a concert by the US pop star Ariana Grande at the nearby Manchester Arena. According to Greater Manchester Police 22 people, including children, have been killed with a total of 59 people also being injured, although it is possible that this number will rise in the coming hours. In the past I have attempted to write these pieces from a distance so that we can let cool heads prevail, and I shall endeavour to do so here. However, I would be remiss to omit that whilst I am not a Mancunian by birth, Manchester is now my city and as such this may prove difficult.

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A Feminist Détente?

Feminism has become one of the most controversial political labels of recent years. Indeed people all over the world have their own conceptions of what feminism is, and more importantly what it isn’t. As a consequence gems of statements like ‘I support women’s rights but I’m not a feminist’ have become increasingly common. To be perfectly honest I’m not surprised that this situation has arisen because we in the feminist movement have not challenged the media enough to educate people on what we are calling for or what we believe. Unfortunately this is because the feminist movement, much like any other political ideology like socialism or liberalism, is in essence an umbrella term for lots of different beliefs, and when these views contradict each other the average person remains unaware of what feminists stand for.

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