Supreme Court Rules Tribunal Fees Unlawful

Employment tribunals are a key way for workers to protect themselves against unscrupulous employers but in recent years the number of people going to tribunals has dramatically fallen. This is largely because of the introduction of tribunal fees, whereby workers had to pay, in some cases, thousands of pounds up front in order to have their cases heard. According to figures from the Ministry of Justice quoted by the BBC, the number of cases going to tribunals has dropped from around 5,000 per month before tribunal fees were introduced in 2013, to around 1,600 per month after the introduction. However this situation has finally been remedied, as the Supreme Court has ruled that these punitive fees are against the law.

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Racist attitudes persist in UK pay statistics

In the UK when people speak of racism many white people, due to their ignorance, believe that this abhorrent phenomenon is uniquely historical. Those who are partially informed may acknowledge that discriminatory attitudes exist but that these views are merely thoughts and do not impact people on a daily basis. Indeed when the numerous stories of unarmed African-Americans being gunned down by police are reported online, many in the UK believe that this systemic attitude is uniquely an American problem. Not only is this false but it blinds people to systemic racism that still exists in British society.

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