Greening To Promote Pro-LGBT Legislation

The Secretary of State for Women’s and Equalities Justine Greening has announced that there will be a consultation on a piece of legislation that would significantly change the legal status of transgender people in British society. The government have also announced a change to the rules regarding blood donation that will benefit gay and bisexual men. These measures are important and should be welcomed, however that should not mean that pressure on the government should be alleviated. Additionally, some aspects of society are still hostile towards the very idea of transgender equality and conversations need to be had so that so that our fellow citizens feel welcome in society.

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Making Society More Trans-Friendly

With transgender issues becoming better known in the public consciousness, it is necessary to look at ways to fundamentally reform society in a way that is consistent with our enhanced knowledge. The international gay rights movement has changed the way that we think about sexuality and society adjusted accordingly, albeit it at a slower rate than many of us would like. With gender now understood in less definite and binary terms, we need to make a conscious effort to reform our attitudes, institutions, and procedures. This piece shall suggest five ways in which society can be improved in this regard.

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