Reflections on the Manchester Terror Attack

This morning the UK wakes up to another terrorist incident. Last night a suicide bomber detonated his device at the entrance of Manchester’s Victoria Railway Station, which affected people leaving a concert by the US pop star Ariana Grande at the nearby Manchester Arena. According to Greater Manchester Police 22 people, including children, have been killed with a total of 59 people also being injured, although it is possible that this number will rise in the coming hours. In the past I have attempted to write these pieces from a distance so that we can let cool heads prevail, and I shall endeavour to do so here. However, I would be remiss to omit that whilst I am not a Mancunian by birth, Manchester is now my city and as such this may prove difficult.

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LGBT Breakthrough in Lebanon

When talking about the forefront of the struggle for LGBT equality, many people will think about the horrific treatment of LGBT people in the Middle East. This is perception is warranted, as in many countries in the region face social stigmatisation and legal persecution. However news out of the Middle East in the last 24 hours offers a glimmer of hope. A judge in Lebanon has ruled that homosexual acts are not punishable under the Lebanese legal system. This is an important step forward for Lebanon and the Middle East in a number of different ways.

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LGBT Rights in Europe and Boris Johnson’s Stupidity

As the EU debate heats up Mayor of London Boris Johnson has begun to speak more openly about why is supporting Britain’s exit. In order to make a pitch for more socially liberal sections of the electorate Johnson made some interesting comments. They are interesting because they bypass logical reasoning and his conclusion is wildly incoherent. Because of the speculation about the future Tory leadership, Johnson’s comments will always carry weight because the media like the horse-race element of politics. What we need to do is expose the inanity of what he says.

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