European Nations Embrace LGBT Rights

In some European countries the idea of legal same-sex marriage is largely uncontroversial. For instance the Netherlands has had equal marriage since 2001, it being the first nation in the world to act. However the more eastward one travels, the more socially conservative countries appear to be on LGBT rights. I contend that 2017 will be an important year because it could be a watershed moment in the history of the European gay liberation movement. Evidently I may have been proven correct already as there has been progress in some parts of Europe in this very area. But even more can be made this year given the changes in public opinion in some European countries.

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Same-sex marriage rejected in Slovenia

The cause for LGBT equality hit a setback yesterday as the people of Slovenia voted against a measure that would legalise same-sex marriage across the country. This unfortunate result continues to show the demarcation in Europe between nations supportive of marriage equality and those who are fighting against the tide of history. We can only hope that our comrades on the ground in Slovenia keep up the good work and bring about change in the near future.

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