Turnbull’s Hesitance is Irrational

Malcolm Turnbull has been dealt a political blow this week after the Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) withdrew its support for a plebiscite on same-sex marriage. The NXT join the Greens and Labor, which all support marriage equality but oppose Turnbull’s desire for a plebiscite. Normally I would be criticising these political parties for getting in the way of a democratic vote on this issue but because of the structure of the Australian political system, the opposition parties are right to be unforgiving.

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LGBT Rights in Europe and Boris Johnson’s Stupidity

As the EU debate heats up Mayor of London Boris Johnson has begun to speak more openly about why is supporting Britain’s exit. In order to make a pitch for more socially liberal sections of the electorate Johnson made some interesting comments. They are interesting because they bypass logical reasoning and his conclusion is wildly incoherent. Because of the speculation about the future Tory leadership, Johnson’s comments will always carry weight because the media like the horse-race element of politics. What we need to do is expose the inanity of what he says.

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Same-sex marriage rejected in Slovenia

The cause for LGBT equality hit a setback yesterday as the people of Slovenia voted against a measure that would legalise same-sex marriage across the country. This unfortunate result continues to show the demarcation in Europe between nations supportive of marriage equality and those who are fighting against the tide of history. We can only hope that our comrades on the ground in Slovenia keep up the good work and bring about change in the near future.

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