Labour Unveils Election Manifesto

Last week the draft manifesto was leaked and following this sneak peak the national press was chomping at the bit to see how many of the policies revealed in the leak would make it into the final cut. Yesterday we got the answer. Labour has embraced a new level of radicalism which will differentiate the party from the Conservatives. At a speech in Bradford, Jeremy Corbyn unveiled the Labour Party’s general election manifesto and it is full of left-wing policies that will seriously address the root cause of many of the socio-economic problems that face the country.

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Thoughts on Traingate

The recent political news in the UK has been ‘traingate’. A few weeks ago Jeremy Corbyn sat on the floor on a train journey from London to Newcastle. The purpose of the stunt was to  draw attention to the overcrowding on many train services throughout the country and to call for the renationalisation of Britain’s railway network. However the controversy began when Richard Branson, the head of the Virgin Group, criticised Corbyn’s actions. The billionaire, whose company operated the service that Corbyn took to Newcastle, accused the Labour leader of lying because CCTV footage showed that the train had plenty of spare seats. Let’s break down as many aspects of this story as possible.

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Labour actually have a socialist policy

In the words of Etta James: “at last”. In September 2015 the Labour Party Conference voted to officially put the renationalisation of the English railways into its party platform. At the time there was a little bit of media coverage but in recent days this same policy position has gained a lot of coverage, especially online. As I said in a previous article this kind of policy is essential in illustrating how socialist policies can be beneficial to people’s everyday lives.

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