The Changing Media Dynamic

The Conservatives called this general election because their polling suggested that they would win a landslide victory, with some polls putting Tory support at close to 50% and Labour’s support hovering around 30%. No matter what Theresa May says about Brexit or “strong and stable leadership” it is clear that the election was called for her own political purposes. It was therefore widely thought that manifesto week would be a formality where the Tories are characteristically ambiguous and thus would maintain their lead. The popularity of Labour’s policies and the surprise announcement about Tory changes to pensions and social care have cast doubt on the idea of a coming landslide. The media is now changing their emphasis to focus on the Tory own goal.

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Trump’s Press Hostility Can Only End Badly

Since securing the Republican nomination Donald Trump has unsuccessfully tried to portray himself as more presidential but there is an alarming fact that people are not talking about. Trump’s relationship with the press is already ludicrous, with stories of him holding grudges for years against journalists because of articles they have written, but this was never really a problem when he was an erratic businessman. Now that he is running to become the most powerful person in the world his comments about press freedom should be alarming. Continue reading