France Elections: Concerning Parliament

The presidential election is undoubtedly more important than the elections to the French Parliament, but that doesn’t mean that Senators and Deputies are totally powerless. For lefties like myself, the idea of a neoliberal like Emmanuel Macron, a right-wing Thatcherite like François Fillon, or a neo-fascist like Marine Le Pen is not something that we are desperate to see. This being the case, the Left needs to capture a significant proportion of the vote in the parliamentary elections. The limited powers not in the purview of the Executive can be used to guard against the ideological excesses that will follow the election of any of these individuals to the Presidency.

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The Conservative Case Against the Electoral College

Since the election of Donald Trump against the will of most Americans there has been an open discussion about the abolition of the Electoral College. What I have found interesting is that these arguments have come exclusively from the Left. Part of this may be because in recent years the candidate losing the election despite winning more votes has been has been the Democrat in both situations. However partly this is because conservatives has long argued in favour of the Electoral College on the grounds that it is what the Founding Fathers deliberately created.

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LGBT Acceptance Can Kill Binary Thinking

Across the world lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are gaining political rights in the same way that other oppressed groups had in previous centuries. This progress is not uniform, particularly in parts of the world where conservative religious views are commonplace, but certainly in the Western world LGBT acceptance occurring at a rapid pace. I believe that framing other political discussions in this way will push back the encroaching forces of intellectual laziness.
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British MP Murdered

Yesterday afternoon Jo Cox, the MP for Batley and Spen, was working in her local community near Birstall Library. She had spent the day doing constituency work and campaigning for Britain to remain a member of the European Union. However this turned out not to be a normal day for her. At around 1pm 52-year-old Tommy Mair stabbed and beat her before shooting her twice in cold blood. Although people from across the political spectrum have been united in grief by the tragedy, information is coming out that is troubling.

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Reflection on the Orlando Terrorist Attack

On Saturday night 50 people were gunned down in a terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida. As a result of the death toll, this incident is the most devastating mass shooting in US history as well as the largest ever terrorist attack carried out by one person. The suspected shooter, Omar Mateen, carried out the attack armed with an AR-15, which is the civilian version of an M-16 military assault rifle, and a handgun. There needs to be a series of conversations that take place in the aftermath of this attack, but one is undeniable. According to reports Mateen’s father said that his son had seen two men kissing and this angered him. Let’s be clear this attack was not coincidentally in a gay club. It was targeted by a homophobic bigot who thought that same-sex attraction should be punished with execution. Continue reading

The Pope, Ideology and Symbolism

Since the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the Catholic Church has been placed in a position which many Catholics are largely unfamiliar with. The Catholic Church has long spoken about the need to be compassionate to those less fortunate, they are Christians after all, but for many years has focussed on social issues. Considering that the Church’s leadership is comprised of exclusively celibate men it always seemed odd that the primary focus of the Church was the sexual habits of its members.

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