2017 Northern Ireland Election Results

After a short election campaign full of tense exchanges and talk of the collapse of the Good Friday Agreement, the results are in. The story from the election is complex but the immediate reaction is the following. Sinn Féin wagered that bringing down the executive, in my view justifiably, would curry favour with the electorate. This shows to have been a correct estimation as the party massively increased their share of the vote Alliance also gained and this is thought to have come from unionists who are disaffected with the DUP.

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DUP Manifesto Launch is Exercise in Propaganda

Arlene Foster today unveiled the DUP’s manifesto for the assembly election that will be held on 2nd March. However, rather than outline a detailed plan about what the DUP was planning to do, she mentioned general policy goals with a lack of substance to back them up. Rather than talk about the issues that the people of Northern Ireland are desperate to have resolved, the former First Minister emphasised the potential electoral success of Sinn Féin in an attempt to scare unionists into voting for her party. This cannot be allowed to stand.

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Foster Claims Resignation Calls Are Motivated By Misogyny

Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster has been facing heat, pun intended, over her handling of the RHI scandal. The RHI scandal concerns a renewable energy scheme that was set up in 2012 to lower greenhouse gas emissions. The scheme was the responsibility of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) and the minister responsible was Arlene Foster. The questions that people are asking are whether or not the scheme was an example of incompetence- and as such the person in change shouldn’t be First Minister- corruption, or unavoidable. The scandal is the largest financial cock-up in the history of devolution because it came in £490 million over budget. Unfortunately Foster has now claimed that calls for her resignation, even though she is clearly culpable, are misogynistic, but what she’s actually doing is seeking an electoral advantage.

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