Martin McGuinness Resigns As Deputy First Minister, New Election To Follow

The Northern Irish government can only function, by law, with an Executive that is a partnership between a nationalist/republican party and a unionist one. This came to an end today when Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness resigned, citing Arlene Foster’s refusal to resign over her role in the RHI scandal. This doesn’t in and of itself mean that an election will take place however in his resignation speech, McGuinness said that Sinn Féin shall not be nominating another candidate for the position of Deputy First Minister. It is this second aspect of his resignation that makes another election inevitable.

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Election 2016: Northern Ireland Results

The Northern Ireland Assembly held elections on Thursday and the final results have been announced. Unlike other pieces I have written about the elections in other parts of the UK, I want to focus on themes that emerged rather than breaking down the election along party lines. The headline is that that the DUP remains the largest party and Sinn Féin finished second. This will probably result in a similar political settlement as before the election, which may well lead to the same stalemate, but the specific results show that there is a growing hostility towards the traditional parties.

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