Interview with Jess Mayo

Jess Mayo is a businesswoman and local political activist. She is a member of the Green Party of England and Wales and is the party’s candidate for the parliamentary seat of Manchester Gorton. The UK general election will be held on 8th June 2017. We sat down with Ms Mayo at the Green Party’s headquarters in Chorlton for the first of a series of interviews with left-wing general election candidates in this constituency. Here is what she had to say.

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Theresa May Has No Right To Refuse TV Debates

After Theresa May’s announcement on the steps of Downing Street yesterday, the UK is going back to the polls. The snap general election will take place on 8th June, thus giving the parties a month and a half to put their case to the country.  To be honest this took me by surprise because, having come out against a general election a few months ago, I believed that it would be too politically risky for May to blatantly go against her own word. Nevertheless we are where we are, and now the press needs to step up.

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Labour’s Progressive Way Forward

The Labour Party of old is gone, the political dynamics have changed and the Left needs to unite behind a movement based on ideas rather than the rosettes worn by MPs on election day. The UK, in its current form, will not last the next twenty years so it is best for Labour to work with other progressive forces, especially at Westminster, to bring about better societies in Scotland, Wales and England. By establishing electoral pacts with other parties a left-wing government will be much easier to elect, but it is up to Labour to make such a move.

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