Taiwanese Campaigners Hopeful For Same-sex Marriage Breakthrough

Taiwanese LGBT campaigners are hopeful that the country may soon embrace same-sex marriage, making Taiwan the first country in Asia to do so. The optimism comes in the wake of the suicide of Jacques Picoux, a gay professor at the National Taiwan University. Picoux’s story is heartbreakingly familiar. He and his long-term partner, Tseng Ching-chao, were living together but following his death, Picoux was not given the same legal recognition in relation to inheritance and shared assets. The story has galvanized public opinion, and activists now believe that marriage equality may soon come to the country.

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LGBT Acceptance Can Kill Binary Thinking

Across the world lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are gaining political rights in the same way that other oppressed groups had in previous centuries. This progress is not uniform, particularly in parts of the world where conservative religious views are commonplace, but certainly in the Western world LGBT acceptance occurring at a rapid pace. I believe that framing other political discussions in this way will push back the encroaching forces of intellectual laziness.
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