Crossing Borders: Trump & Trudeau

From shore to shore debates on borders are raging. Global warming, warfare and insurgency-based conflict continue to ravage nations across the world. A majority of migrants travelling from Africa are escaping a violent dictatorship in Eritrea. Kim Jong-Un continues to rattle his sabre with rocket launches whilst his people starve. Syria, Nigeria, Turkey and Iraq continue to be battle grounds as the religious zealots of Daesh/ISIS and Boko Haram continue to displace their populations. The immigration argument therefore has swept its politicised fingers across the industrialised world as migrants continue to flood in to industrialised countries. The element of movement that built civilisations has now become a fertile ideological battle ground.

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LGBT Rights in Europe and Boris Johnson’s Stupidity

As the EU debate heats up Mayor of London Boris Johnson has begun to speak more openly about why is supporting Britain’s exit. In order to make a pitch for more socially liberal sections of the electorate Johnson made some interesting comments. They are interesting because they bypass logical reasoning and his conclusion is wildly incoherent. Because of the speculation about the future Tory leadership, Johnson’s comments will always carry weight because the media like the horse-race element of politics. What we need to do is expose the inanity of what he says.

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Reflections on the Brussels Terrorist Attacks

Last night ISIS-inspired jihadis once again struck in Europe as three bombs went off in the Belgian capital. Federal prosecutors have said that 31 people have died and 260 people were injured however the death toll may still rise. The three bombs were in two separate locations: two explosions occurred at Zaventem Airport; the other went off at Maelbeek metro station. The response was largely positive but it is important to not let our emotional response to the attacks cloud our judgement and induce us into an irrational response.

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