It’s Time to Get Rid of Jacob Zuma

The ANC used to be much more than just a political party. The ANC was a movement for peace and democracy. The ANC was a symbol of tolerance and resistance to oppression. The ANC used contain people that stood up for change in the face of impossible odds. However, this party has become infested with individuals that have exploited the party’s electoral success and history in the pursuit of their own financial benefit. Mandela, Biko, Tambo; these people would be spinning in their graves if they saw what their party has become. As with all political parties that have been in power for a long time, the ANC have taken their supporters for granted and become intoxicated with power. Jacob Zuma embodies this hubris and he should be ousted from power.

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Policy Proposal: Get Rid of Honours

In recent days it has come about that Lynton Crosby, the Australian political strategist who pioneered the Conservative Party’s victory in the 2015 General Election, will be receiving a knighthood in the New Years Honours list for “public service” . Obviously this is clearly corruption but Labour MPs have been lining up to criticise this decision as “bringing the honours system into disrepute”. This is also incorrect because this implies that this system was reputable in the first place. Continue reading

Flooding Shows Austerity Isn’t ‘Belt Tightening’

Large parts of the UK are currently underwater. Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Cumbria have been worst impacted by rivers bursting their banks and heavy rainfall. We are flooded (pun intended) with stories in the mainstream media about the stories of people’s whose homes have been washed out and ruined by the rising waters, however I believe that this is a perfect example of how the government’s actions are adversely affect people’s lives.

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A Romantic Look at Newspapers

A new part of conventional wisdom is that print media is dying and it is being replaced by online alternatives. I believe, however, that people take newspapers for granted and that in many ways a newspaper is a beautiful. Although I am aware of the irony of a blogger writing a defence of newspapers on the platform that is killing newspaper sales, I still think it is important for us to look at these publications from a more romantic perspective. Rather than viewing these as in their last throws, I think it is important that we keep newspapers alive and hopefully my rose-tinted argument will shall convince you of my position.

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How can Christians be Conservative?

For those of you who live under rocks, today is quite an important day in the Christian calender. On this significant day for Christians all over the world, I think about all those Jesus enthusiasts in the United States who claim to follow the moral message of this Galilean Jew. More specifically I reflect on how their ideologies are totally incompatible with this figure. I’m not Christian and I won’t pretend to be, but this article will not be me endeavouring to trash the message of Jesus. Rather, it will be a critique of American conservatism and how it is incompatible with the lessons of Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Third Democratic Debate: Review

The third Democratic debate was held in Goffstown, New Hampshire, a state whose primary is the first non-caucus of the primary campaign. The debate was hosted by ABC News’ David Muir and Martha Raddatz. Unlike the GOP debate from a few days earlier, the questions were reasonable and relevant to policy issues, but I still have some complaints to make about the debate itself. Continue reading

Third Democratic Debate: Hillary Clinton

Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton remains the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, even though her policies are largely underwhelming and hardly deliver the radical change that people want to see from the next president. Her debate performance, if positive, does nothing but reinforce her position as the front-runner whereas a poor performance could dent her campaign. Fortunately for her the media was writing the headlines hailing her glorious performance before the debate took place. Here is my honest analysis of her actual performance. Continue reading